Internal development updates – 01.13.2021

What Team did Today.

  • Chathura
    • Working with the team on a day to through call and slack
    • Working and reply to emails
    • Working on Serviceteam roadmap and Analytic feature requested
    • Attending and code checking and releasing
    • Working on FLIM
  • Nishantha
    • WF-2465 Floproj: Stage system upgrade
  • Omal
    • Daily task, check system & android app
    • WF-2470 appointment delete SQL error
    • WF-2340 enquiry not delete when deleting order
    • WF-2471 Recall | Remedial appointment confirmation not working
  • Anupa
    • Attend to daily scrum meeting with note down staff task lists & Create daily task report
    • Create a ticket (FFS-615) and list down summary to do quote app new comments in Serviceteam and commenting the ticket
    • Testing issue and working on emails with Rob > GSU Landscapes
    • CRM FMS with mail chimp & create a ticket for invoice due date issue WF-2474
  • Madhawa
    • multi client Message send receive functions
  • Heshan
    • FFS615 Quotes in app – New comments-ST ONLY Do following changes to quote summary section
    • FFS615 Quotes in app – New comments-ST ONLY
      Remove the further details section -FTM cannot see it
    • Adhoc developments IOS Firebase Custome events
  • Lakshitha
    • WF-2471 – Recall\Remedial appointment confirmation not working
    • Research on facebook messenger api through messageBird

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