Internal development updates – 02.10.2021

What Team did Today?

  • Chathura
    • Look into Victoria’s E-mail look into merchant account configuration & suggest her merchant.
    • Working on FLIMO.
    • Normal working route (working on Emails & meetings).
    • Daily routine (Working with developers, QA) and attending to email queries.
    • Working with Anurudda on getting the meta issue sorted in cdv online site.
    • Looking into Floquote web site hosting.
    • Release future date selector for schedule (jump up short cut) for both Victoria and Moderngardern.
    • Floquote support.
    • Release ST feature developed for Kevin.
    • Support for Moderngardern.
  • Anupa
    • Create daily task report to the webcast and update the timesheet google doc and send email to Katie, Rob and Chathura.
    • Daily routine, customer support (attending and reply to customer’s emails and reviewing on emails) and QA works –
      ModernGarden slot block and schedule view issue testing and fixing.
      Rosewood Living Walls (Victoria) invoices payment amendments.
      Rosewood Living Walls (Victoria) calendar issue and skillset issue fixing.
      Rosewood Living Walls (Victoria) admin account privileges issue and FTM login credential issue. Rosewood Living Walls (Victoria)Quote template issue and communication tab issue.
  • Nishantha
    • Development > WF-2501 Surcharges | Quotes | Field App.
    • Development > WF-2486 DELTA deposit duplicate issue.
  • Heshan
    • Fixed FLIM Android app crash issue on Android 11.
    • FFS629 Android APP FLIM – Integrate filter options rest API, Filtering prompt UI.
  • Ranawaka
    Development and working on FLIMO>

    • FLIM-36 Search improvements 4 – COL, LEN, WID & TOT prefix searches.
    • FLIM-25 Few more things 2.
  • Omal
    • Daily task, check system & android app.
    • Testing > WF-2457 Speeding up the calendar.
    • Testing > WF-2356 Markup value improvements.
    • Testing > WF-2486 Customer deposit payment duplicate issue.
    • UAT tickets check and Internal development update.
  • Wajira
    • WF-2457 Speeding up the calendar live testing.
    • FLIMO discussion with Chathura & Ranawaka(Flobot orders flow)
    • FLIMO main search improvements testing.
    • FLIMO App API testing (Get inventory, Change location, inventory search list, Search filters)
    • FLIMO UI changes testing
    • Pasted images duplicating issue in Flobot text editor recreate & report.
  • Lakshitha
    • Pass customer account details to WhatsApp chat view in Flobot MTA
  • Madhawa
    Working and development on MessageGuru >

    • Node typescript Recipe management test
  • Himash
    • Cavendish normal routine work.
    • Spending 1 hour in the system learning more about it.
    • Uploading of products to Cavendish online shop.
    • Checking on Kandesh products prices.
    • Joined to a training meeting with Rob.
    • Made a group in Telegram and Medium for FloQuote
  • Anurudda
    • Cavendish shop title tag configuration in localhost and fixing invalid indexes and Layout.