Internal development updates – 02.12.2021

What Team did Today?

  • Chathura
    • Look into Victoria’s E-mail support.
    • Working on FLIMO.
    • Meeting with Rob and Flimo meeting.
    • Daily routine (Working with developers, QA, meetings) and attending to email queries and servers check.
    • Looking into kimasu web site hosting.
    • Archived Images issue.
    • Floquote support.
    • Sheena Elite flooring.
    • ServiceTeam customers support.
      Flobot 90% | Others 10%
  • Anupa
    • Create daily task report to the webcast and update the timesheet google doc and send email to Katie, Rob and Chathura.
    • Normal working route with customer supports (attending and reply to customer’s emails and reviewing on emails) and QA works-
    • Finalize and testing all tickets (FFS- 607,613,616,617,618,619,620,621,622,623,624,627,628) of IOS App- (Have to complete the testing in FFS-613 and FFS-619 since there are some issues reported by me.Other tickets testing totally completed)
      Flobot 25% | Others 75%
  • Nishantha
    • Development > WF-2501 Surcharges | Quotes | Field App
    • Harry Email review
    • Conflict fixing in PR.
      Flobot 10% | Others 90%
  • Heshan
    • Development > FFS633 Replace text option from more comprehensive images on confirmation prior to job submit. Only for ST. IOS Completed.
    • Development > FFS619 Submitted quote total hasn’t been compatible with the original value
    • FLIM discussion regarding item count, QR generation & date/location update.
      Flobot 10% | Others 90%
  • Ranawaka
    Development and working on FLIMO>

    • FLIM – 30 Inventory items location update API for FLIMO app
    • FLIM 38 FLIMO Orders from Flobot.
    • WF 2504 FLIMO Orders from Flobot.
      Flobot 100%
  • Omal
    • Daily task, check system & android app
    • Testing > WF-2052 engineers and customer notes – bug fixing
    • UAT tickets check and Internal development update.
      Flobot 100%
  • Wajira
    • Testing > FLIM-30 Inventory item’s location updates API testing
    • Testing > FLIM-25 Few more things testing
    • Testing > FLIM-37 Improvements testing
    • Testing > FLIM Waste bin logs length calculation issue with Ranawaka
    • Testing > FLIM-44 Waste bing logs improvements
    • Testing > FLIM-42 APIs for FLIMO app.
      Flobot 100%
  • Lakshitha
    • Integrate WhatsApp chat view to Flobot MTA
      • Remove hard-coded mobile number and use Flobot account contact number to send and receive messages
      • Find a way to generate JSON web token during Flobot user login to use it in chat view.
        Flobot 100%
  • Madhawa

    • Messanger Bot api intergration.
      Flobot 100%
  • Himash
    • Cavendish normal routine work
    • Uploading of products to Cavendish online shop
    • Calling of stage 5a orders in Cavendish and clearing the base.
  • Anurudda
    • Not working (Leave).