Internal development updates – 02.16.2021

What Team did Today?

  • Chathura
    • Look into Victoria’s E-mail support.
    • Working on FLIMO.
    • Getting WordPress core updating with Ranawaka. webcast and support
    • Daily routine (Working with developers, QA, meetings) and attending to email queries servers check.
    • Working with Anurudda on getting the meta issue sorted in cdv online site.
    • Archived Images issue
    • Floquote support.
    • Sheena elite flooring
    • ServiceTeam customers support.
    • 2021 Plan for FMS (Look into Profit loss)
      Flobot 90% | Others 10%
  • Anupa
    • Normal working route with customer supports (attending and reply to customer’s emails and reviewing on emails) and QA works-
      Liaising with himash and provide necessary help he needed for the onboarding process and setup wizard for a new company (James for carpet).
    • IOS app testing of ST regarding labour charge as requested from omal.
    • Update the ticket WF-2507 Add order log when quote authorized by user-ST only
    • Create daily task report to the webcast with the timesheet google doc and send email to Katie, Rob and the team.
      Set permission to all members in google doc(16th sheet), Now rows can edit only by its owner,cannot others.
    • IOS App testing for release – FFS-613 and FFS-619.
    • Testing IOS App new upgrade for ST- FFS-633 (Images attach for options buttons when submitting the job sheet buttons).
      Flobot 35% | Others 65%
  • Nishantha
    • Development-> WF-2484 payment resend / WF-2508 Archive image upgrade
      Flobot 100%
  • Heshan
    • Development-> FFS633 Replace text option from more comprehensive images on confirmation view prior to job submit. Only for ST. – Android Completed.
    • Development-> FFS630 Flim Inventory – Listing all items for one inventory Item – Pending.
      Flobot 90% | Others 10%  
  • Ranawaka
    • Development > FLIM 44 Waste bin log improvements
    • Development > FLIM 38 FLIMO Orders from Flobot
    • Development > WF 2504 FLIMO Orders from Flobot
    • Development > WF 2507 Add order log when quote authorized by user-ST only.
      Flobot 100%
  • Omal
    • Daily task, check system & android app
    • Testing-> WF-2445 Filter commission column from API
    • Testing-> WF-2483 Add a new button send the payment receipt.
    • Testing-> WF-2501 Surcharges | Quotes | Field App
    • UAT tickets check and Internal development update.
      Flobot 100%
  • Wajira
    • Not working (Sick Leave).
  • Lakshitha
    • Not working (Sick Leave).
  • Madhawa

    • Facebook messenger functions
    • Create and publish a node module
      Flobot 100%
  • Himash
    • Cavendish normal routine work
    • Replying to Access solutions mails
    • Coordinating with Anupa on Access solutions requirements and Zoho forms.
    • Checking on all the Kandesh products uploaded so far
    • Coordinating with Rob on the Floquote Beta mail campaign.
  • Anurudda
    • Cavendish Shop Inventory Insert New Product Categories (primo Ranges without primo ultra, Oaklands 32oz).
    • Localhost Shop Issue Solving.