Internal development updates – 03.08.2021

What Team did Today?

  • Chathura
    • Streamline Local and ST roadmap.
    • Daily routine (Working with developers, QA, meetings) and attending to email queries servers check.
    • Looking into ST server move
    • ServiceTeam customers support.
    • 2021 Plan for FMS (Look into Profit loss)
    • Look into Access solution James (Stage Flowdemo)
    • Looking to issue reported on duplication of Supplier sheet v2
    • Look into server move and speed up project
    • Daily Code review.
    • Woking with Himash and Anupa on daily issues and email replies
      Flobot 60% | Others 40%
  • Anupa
    • Create and commenting on new ticket WF-2529 regarding review retention issue & Daily task report.
    • Coordinating and testing with omal regarding WF-2372.
    • Emails reviewing with testing
      Elite flooring emails
      GSU landscape email- provide necessary help for himash
    • Go through harry’s video of new requirements and modifications of the quote app and Create and commenting new ticket FFS-641
      Flobot 50% | Others 50%
  • Nishantha
    • Development > ST wp promo code sharing through the site and booking
      Others 100%
  • Heshan
    • Development > HTML table & QR image print
      Flobot 100% 
  • Ranawaka
    • Development > WF-2511-recording-cost-in-xero-for-the-invoices-issued
    • Development >  WF-2528-supplier-sheet-v2-prevent-the-double-click
      Flobot 100%
  • Omal
    • Daily task, check system & android app
    • Testing >WF-2527 Enable the payment delete option for all stages without the job close stage.
    • Testing >WF-2372 Show the FTM name in the individual FTM financial tab and some validations
    • Supplier sheet issue test
    • UAT tickets check
      Flobot 100%
  • Wajira
    • Testing-> Tried to recreate the supplier sheet v2 duplicate issue
    • Testing-> Tried to recreate supplier sheet v2 supplier order list total issue
    • Testing-> WF-2528 Supplier sheet V2 – prevent the double click on the send button dev/live testing
      Flobot 100% 
  • Lakshitha
    • Development > Add selected messages to order note in FLOBOT MTA Whatsapp view
      Flobot 100%
  • Madhawa

    • Floquote message filter API development and testing
      Floquote 100%
  • Himash
    • Cavendish normal routine work
    • Coordinating with Anurudha on the online shop project
    • Replying and supporting Access solutions mails on the forms and new module
    • Coordinating with Chathura and Preparing for elite flooring Xero demo
    • Calling of stage 5a orders and cleaning the base
    • Replying to Elite flooring queries
  • Anurudda
    • Apply New design Kandesh Category Range and change description Feature Description And Meta description (Reference Corma carpet )