Internal development updates – 10.14.2021

What Team did Today?

  • Chathura
    • Daily routine (Working with developers, QA, meetings) and attending to email queries servers check.
    • ServiceTeam customers support.
    • Speed up project
    • ST server.
    • Streamline Local and ST roadmap.
    • Daily code review and releases
      Flobot 70% | Others 30%
  • Anupa
    • Working and testing on customer support – Modern garden
    • Working and testing on IOS app with commenting FFS-722 & meeting with chathura and hesha regarding new improvement of access solutions all job
    • Whatsapp chat widget feature testing on myservice-bot
      Flobot 100%
  • Nishantha
    • WF-2687 Postmark email delivery status improvements – Separate cc mails & add new emails.
      Flobot 100%
  • Heshan

    • Analyse Android 10 camera issue on Android devices
      Flobot 100%
  • Ranawaka
    • GPS Tracking API
      Flobot 100%
  • Omal
    • Testing ->WF-2340 enquiry not delete when deleting order
    • Testing -> WF-2828 – Add setting to enable AMEX for both old and new payment gateway code versions – Add an option in the setting next to payment gateway settings
      Flobot 100%
  • Wajira
    • WF-2741 Add an advance search section to find the orders which comes from FloQuote side
    • WF-2865 Store/updates GPS coordinates based on POST code – not the rest of the address of the email
    • WF-2878 Enquiries are not marked as converted – Floquote to Flobot
    • Meeting with Chat & WAP
      Flobot 100%
  • Lakshitha