Orphix Property Solutions installs Flobot property maintenance software

Orphix Property Solutions installs Flobot property maintenance software. Orphix property has been established since 2014 by Sean and Jamie Richardson and designed to provide property maintenance services to lettings agencies, small businesses and the domestic market around Surrey and London.

Reactive services such as boiler repairs, Gas safety certificates (CP12), electrical repairs, PAT testing, PIR certificates, locksmiths, and supply but also planned maintenance, painting and decorating and new boiler installations.

The challenge was to manage all the areas of the business with one all-encompassing piece of software. So, arranging appointment times with contractors and customers, invoicing, CRM, taking the initial enquiries, taking payment from the client and paying the contractors and field team members.

Sean says ‘I has been told about Flobot and that it had been designed by people who were in the industry to solve the same problems that we had. Problems getting paid on time, created robust procedures for invoicing, scheduling the field teams, plumbers, electricians etc and making sure that they got to the customer on time and gave a great service.’

And so Flobot was downloaded and configured with a week. ‘It is very simple to use but the best thing about Flobot is the customer support. I can call and get instant help. I have also put in requests for bespoke features that I felt were need for the business and they have actually thought they were a good idea and implemented them. That is really impressive for me.’ says. Sean

Orphix is still expanding and runs a team of 3 in the office and 20+ engineers in the field.

Sean states ‘I am very happy with the choice we’ve made. We looked at several other software vendors, some cheaper and some more expensive, but this fits our business. They are always listening and new features arrive every week. It still has so many features that we haven’t used because we’re not big enough yet, but I know we ill grow into it and it’s a fantastic asset for the company.’