Property Maintenance Company Panda implements new job management software

Property Maintenance Software designed for property maintenance companies

Panda Service & Maintenance was founded in 2002 with a mission to provide high quality maintenance services at highly competitive rates and a goal to be nationally recognized as ‘best of breed’ within the industry.

Initial rapid growth in the formative years was followed by a period of slow but steady progress through the early 2010’s. And now following positive changes to the operations department with the implementation of Flobot, the company has embarked on ambitious an expansion plan that will see them doubling the number of client’s in the next 2 years.

Panda offer both Reactive and Planned Maintenance services, together with Project Works, throughout the UK and Ireland, delivered by a fully vetted and fully accredited network of local, mobile tradespeople that operate in the field, 24/7/365 – plumbers, electricians, gas engineers, builders, handyman services, gardeners, roofers, carpet fitters and flooring services, painters, decorators, carpenters and brick layers.

Flobot – Property Maintenance Software that is effective, flexible, adaptable and affordable

Emily Davies, Operations Manager at Panda Group.

‘We had a bespoke in-house job management system that we had built up since 2002. It was a long series of word documents, shared folders, linked excel sheets and pdfs. It worked but it was taking a lot of administration time to keep accurate, involved and enormous amount data replication and a long training program for new starters to learn the system. ‘

‘As we scaled we realize that we needed something new and something all encompassing that tracked the jobs issued to us from our clients from inception right through to completion and finally payment. That is a process with multiple stages for us and it was in-between the initial instruction and the payment that we lacked visiblty and therefore control.’

‘And so we began the search for some new software that could give us this fundamental insight into our business, while reducing the administration overhead and was simple to use. We cam across Flobot from a recommendation from a good client.’

‘It is not too much to say that implementing Flobot has been transformational for us. It has also been highly educational. I was surprised at what was possible with this software and how much we could see and do with it in real-time, from discovering where our contractors were physically to the number and value of the individual jobs we were undertaking every day.’

‘What is more, our clients are enamored with the visibility they now have of the jobs in progress through the portal. They have visibility of documents, pictures, certificates and invoices in real-time without having to call their account manager and this has been a big saving from the administration overhead.’

‘In summary, after many months of testing and trialling many different brands of property maintenance software, Flobot has met all our requirements and exceeded all our expectations.’