Flobot FAQs

Had a long list of questions form a potential client this morning and as they seem pretty relevant I thought it might be an idea to post them. So here goes. Can Flobot do these things?

  1. Does your software work in the UK – Yes and in any other country you might think of.
  2. Do you have SMS for the UK market – Yes and all the other counties too
  3. Can we use sms to chat with clients and keep a history of the chats within the job so other users can see what is going on? – No. SMS messages go one way, from te company to the client. And that is the best way for it. To inform them of what is going on but not enter into a text dialogue. It is an expensive way to do things through software anyway which is why we integrate with Whatsapp for client communication if you want to do this.
  4. Do you have an Esign feature to send maintenance contracts to clients to sign and notify us once signed (this would be from the web version not the mobile app)? We integrate with Signable https://www.signable.co.uk/signable-flobot-go-paperless-esignatures/ but you can use anything you like and then upload that document into the accounts section.
  5. Do you have a native Android app? – Yes and an Apple app too.
  6. Does the mobile app allow digital reports to be completed on site and then emailed to the client and can we attach photos within the digital report? – Yes, we call it an e-jobsheet.
  7. Are we able to sync with Xero? – Yes and Quickbooks and Sage too.
  8. Do you have a client portal where they can log and view jobs, photos and digital reports of work carried out on their premises? – Yes, it is an extra module though.
  9. Are we able to set what is shown in the calendar view tile of the job so we can see at a glance what the job is and how long it will take postcode etc without having to hover the mouse over the job or click on it? – Generally we colour code the type of jobs, the postcode and the name of the client. If you want something extra it is always possible with bespoke coding which is one of our USPs. However, most schedules are complicated enough without displaying too much information on them outside of a rollover.
  10. Can we add additional visits to a job and schedule dates in that we want (not every two weeks or month)? – yes
  11. Can we book jobs in for time slots say 9-1pm 1-5pm etc. We don’t give clients fixed times so time slots is the way to go. I agree time-slots are the way to go. We have 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and 4 hour slots. So 8am to 10am for example. I beleive it is possible to have a 9am to 1pm time-slot.
  12. Are we able to colour code certain jobs for instance recurring jobs could be colour coded to distinguish from one off jobs? We colour code all the different types of jobs already and a recurring appointment is pink.
  13. Are we able to colour code techs in the calendar so we can see who is doing what if we are looking at more than one tech on the calendar? Yes, the global schedule is colour coded for engineers, the individual schedules are colour coded for type of job. This explains the drag and drop and  This explains the calendars
  14. Do you have a route optimizer that can optimize by the time slots rather than the geo area as we work by both timeslots and geo area. We have a geo-scheduling option (I will post the page to it when it is written). It is useful for maybe 6 stops and you can drag and drop them visually. I doubt you will eed anything mre advanced than this, however, this is a very good article on route optimiztaion and this is a very good product. It is a one step beyond what an FSM software package is able to offer but as it has an API we could incorporate it into Flobot if you really wanted it. Cost unknown at this stage though.
  15. Can the software propose time slots according to tech and location so when a client calls and wants to know what availability we have we don’t have to search through the calendar? A very good question. This is called assisted scheduling and it is going to be released Q2 2020 where Flobot highlights the optimal slots based on engineer skillset, location and availaibilty. At the monent it does sshow how far the potential appointment is from the other appointments which is helpful.
  16. Does the mobile app populate timesheets at the end of the day so we can see what the tech has done at the end of the day? No you hav to manually allocate them. However,I beleive this is on the roadmap for 2020.
  17. Does the mobile app have a feature where we can send a message to the client to tell them that we are on our way and they can track our techs route and eta? Yes, you can find that feature here: client route tracking
  18. Can we get an alert if the tech has not logged into the job at the specified time? Yes you can.
  19. Do you have a barcode feature where we can scan equipment and materials out in the field? Yes we do, however we are making a major upgrade here called Asset Management Tracking
  20. Can we integrate our telephone number into the software to call clients direct from the job (we have voip)? It depends on your VOIP software but the telephne number is clickable and currently works with Skype and Whatsapp.
  21. Are we able to make notes and alert other users or the main office form the field? You can make notes on each job yes and I ebleive we use whatsapp for engineer to engineer communication
  22. We have five techs and five admin staff please can you let us know your pricing structure? Here is our pricing structure: Flobot costs and pricing.
  23. Can we send multiple docs and photos from within the job via the web version? Yes.
  24. Can we upload documents or do you have a document editor. The docs would be used out in the field so out techs could fill them in and then we can either forward on to clients or use for internal purposes. For complex forms we integratewith Zoho forms which looks like part of the app. Once the form is filled out it is attache to the e-jobsheet.
  25. Job change logs so we can see who from the office has moved the job or changed times? Yes everything is logged and different users have different access rights.
  26. Can we add a photo of the site ie front of building so techs can recognize the site. On the apple app only at the moment is the ability to upload a quote and pictures form the app. Android version will be ready Q2 2020.
  27. Do you have a log in feature for the techs so we know they have logged in or face recognition log in etc? No, we don’t have this feature.