Flobot & Signable go paperless

As an Saas company we believe in eradicating paper from the daily workflow process right down to our core – and that’s why it’s always great to come across a fellow believer. Enter Signable.

Who are they?

Let’s set the scene. How many times a month do we all sign and send documents in the post? How many times do they not even arrive? Then there are phones calls, more printing, more documents, more sending. And how long does this all take? Well, there’s a better way – and it’s called Signable.

Instead of emailing or posting the document to the signer, Signable enables you to send it out electronically and literally get it signed in a matter of minutes – for a fraction of the cost. By using electronic signatures signers can sign on any device whilst Signable ensures the document is legally binding and secure. Just upload your document from within your Signable account, fill in who is going to sign it, specify on the document where you want them to sign and – well that’s it. Signable do the rest. This folks is a ‘no brainer’.

We love it and we will be offering as an option inside Flobot in the next few months for those really important documents you need to get signed by the customer.

Here’s why you should get involved!

Find out more about the paperless solutions that Signable offer and look at the wonderful infographic below that explains why saving the planet can also be about helping your bank balance!