5 software apps to help run a garden landscaping business

Running a garden landscaping business means that you are out on site a lot of the time and so mobile apps are key to success. I spoke to Pat Beqiri from Brights Seasons Landscaping about what he uses to make his business run smoothly. Here’s what I found.

1. Microsoft Outlook 2016

Not glamorous and based on software that is as old as the internet itself, but massively useful. Combined with exchange it allows Pat to pick up email from his desktop, laptop, tablet and phone and more importantly update each device so all the email is current and can access his folders from anywhere. Ideal for a field based service business like gardening.

2. Evernote

Pat come up with ideas for gardens, takes pictures and combines them with notes for all his potential customers. And this is hat Evernote does brilliantly. And of course you can pick u the notes on any device, anywhere and they are all synced. Never lose the client designs and pictures again.

3. Dropbox

For keeping all the documents like insurance, invoices, logos, financial documents, in fact any old file, Drpbox is invaluable. And again accessible from any device in almost real-time (syncing can be a little sloooow). Each folder can be shared with everyone or just select people.

4. Camscanner

Bizarrely perhaps Pat loves this app and has put it on his list because he can scan anything anywhere convert it into a pdf and email it out. In the morning he grabs his paperwork and heads off to site. And if he needs to sign and scan some paperwork – which he does often, he grabs his phone and scans the paperwork in his van to send off straight away. Prhaps it isn’t so bizarre after all.

5. Flobot

Pat uses Flobot to run his landscape gardening business. Scheduling his appointments with customers to give them a quote, which he types into Flobot, sending his customers the invoice when he’s completed the job and even using it to take final payment by card on site. Accessible form any device in any location, Flobot is field service software he really could’t do without.