Facilities Management software to improve workflow in the UK

Facilities Management companies need solid and reliable software to run their companies properly. Yes, I could bang on about increased workflow, reduced costs of administration which leads to healthier margins and more profit – but I won’t. Why? Because you already know that you should be using software for this.

Of course, the reason you’re not is you are always too busy, there is always too much to do and perhaps you’re just a little afraid of changing your old fashioned and comfortable processes. The processes that keep you working late into the night cutting and pasting the same customer details into a series of spreadsheets and word documents. But you set the system up and you like the colours you have designated for invoiced clients, jobs in progress and payments outstanding, right?

And then there’s the decision of what facilities management software to buy. Should I trial a few? Waste some more time deciding which does what? Which one is the best? Is it Flobot? I can tell you right now it isn’t and I don’t know which one is either. And I can also tell you it doesn’t matter a jot. Because I can tell you that it will do the job and that it is better than what you’ve got and what you’re doing. Will it do everything better? Absolutely not. There is always something you miss from an old way of doing things even if everything else is a whole lot better – get over it and move on.

The reality is there never is a good time to install new software and the only time it goes quiet in facilities management and property maintenance is when you’ve gone out of business.

So, my advice is to get on with it, install some new software today and spend the weekend using it and uploading your customer excel sheet. I recommend Flobot – but then I would, wouldn’t I?