One good reason why you should use a workflow management system

Because if you’re in property services e.g. plumbing, electricnas, painters, landscapers, gardeners, cleaning, locksmiths, carpenters etc. with more than 2 field based engineers, you can pilot ours for free.


Because we are looking for a small company to field test our software even more before we release it to our big brand client.
We only need one and we’re looking for a friendly, approachable company that can provide us with good feedback and appear in our marketing campaign.
So, maybe we can help each other? If you use Xero software for your accounting that’s an added bonus because we need to test that for partner status.

So what does it do, you might ask? It takes instant payments from your customers, invoices them, schedules your engineers, makes quotes, allocates payments to your contractors, gives your customers their own portal for estimates and other documents and a hundred other things.

We designed it especially for our property maintenance business because we used to be in property maintenance. And it will increase your cash-flow, make your life easier and more profitable – it did for us.

It doesn’t matter where in the Country you’re from – and if you’re outside London it would make a welcome change because that’s where all the other trialist are.
We can set you up in 20 minutes – although it will take you a day or so to learn how to use it – but we’ll come and help you do that and we can import your existing customer data into it too.

And if you like it after 3 months, as a thank-you for helping us we’ll give you a large discount on it for life – and it’s not a contract so you can stop anytime you like.
And we’re not talking a lot of money, so with the discount you would be looking at £10 per user per month – if you can’t save that by using it in a week it’s not worth having.
And we’ll set it up for free and we’ll support you for free – forever.

So, if you’ve been considering a system for your business this might be the ideal opportunity. Let me know the sooner the better because I’ll take this offline in a week.

Just mail me. First come first serve, of course.