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Property Maintenance Software & Management

Flobot Property maintenance software is designed for Property maintenance companies. For us, that’s where it all started. We built up a property maintenance company ourselves and so we know what it takes to do it and how much can be gained from using property maintenance software.

Flobot enables you to create jobs, plan projects, send job SMS text notifications, job invoices, project quotations, monitor employees and contractors in real time and even take payments for those jobs firectly into the system.

We think that Flobot is the perfect solution for property maintenance companies.

Re-active Maintenance

The Flobot app allows your field based team to see jobs , well in the field. You or your customers can log a job and the field team member or contractor can see this immediatley, a course is plotted using Google Maps and an estimated time of arrival can be shared with your client.

Planned maintenance

Flobot has a built-in job schedule and job planner. This helps office staff or field team members schedule new jobs on a desktop, a mobile phone or tablet. Once the job has been completed you can create an electronic job sheet and ask the customer to sign it off or upload a paper job sheet into the system to sya the job is complete and the customer is happy.

Property Maintenance software

Property maintenance companies offer multi-disciplined services such as plumbers, electricians, painters, gardeners, handyman, builders, roofers and many more. The software is designed to accommodate all these different industries into to one neat package.

Landlord Management

Flobot’s electronic job sheet app allows your field team to easily take before and after photos of any job with a smart phone. And then ask for the landlord’s approval or use it to provide evidence of work. It often means getting paid a lot faster!