What features should good building maintenance software have?

In a building maintenance company, if you want the software to run your business properly there are a few features that are essential.

1) A good CRM system. A simple, easy to use Customer Relationship Management to keep the details of all your clients, the clint sites, their assets and requirements.

2) A scheduler that allows you to book out engineers and contractors and client premises. Even better if it selects the best engineer based on location and skill set.

3) A basic accounts system to make invoicing quick and easy without having to wait for the book keeper to issue them through an accounts package such as Xero. The advantage of issuing from the building maintenance software is that faster you send the invoice the quicker you get paid. Let the accountant deal with the day to day expenses.

4) If the software can take payments in directly from cards then so much the better. No more waiting for clients to pay. A massive improvement to your cash flow.

5) A field service capability to share client information, get job sheets signed off and inform the engineer of their next appointment.

This should just about do – for a minimum at least.