Internal development updates – 02.11.2020

What Team did Today.

  • Chathura
    • Working urgent emails.
    • Working with the team in general operational and day to day issues.
    • Working on the ServiceTeam and American server and provide feedback.
  • Wajira
    • Jira issues assigning/ project summary feature check on v3/ WF-1858 improvements
    • Oversight feature support post with Omal & oversight discuss with Chathura
    • Support wordpress site customized with Ranawaka
    • Jira tickets adding & Multi quote project summery testing on quote template V4
  • Nuwan
    • FAS 24 order parts feature
  • Kelum
    • check daily checklist on ios app
    • WF-1869 FLIM issues
    • FFA-457 image gallery check
  • Nishantha
    • WF-1873
    • Oversight email reveiw
  • Heshan
    • FFS458 – FLIM image update
  • Anupa
    • Create tickets for ST customer App board
    • Trulawn test data deletion with support Engineering
    • WF-1865 Remove delete orders option in the account Testing
  • Lakshitha
    • WF-1773 – Add engineer notes for schedule v3 add/edit screens
  • Omal
    • daily task, cheack system & android app
    • create support to oversight
    • create support to priority type
    • documents works
  • Ranawaka
    • feature/WF-1865-Remove-delete-orders-option-in-the-account-MTA
    • feature/WF-1820-Sort-two-existing-columns
    • flim

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