Internal development updates – 04.21.2021

What Team did Today?

  • Chathura
    • Daily routine (Working with developers, QA, meetings) and attending to email queries servers check.
    • ServiceTeam customers support.
    • Speed up project
    • ST server.
    • Streamline Local and ST roadmap.
    • Code review and releases
      Flobot 70% | Others 30%
  • Anupa
    • Serviceteam customer portal system testing with issue reporting to the document
    • Liaising with chathura and heshan regarding quote app new comments email reviewing and comment to the ticket FFS-654
    • ServiceTeam system testing ( with maintaining document
    • Android App overall testing (Priority testing on Adding images and job sheet submission)
    • Identified WhatsApp issue in android app and create new ticket FFS-662
      Others 100%
  • Nishantha
    • Development > WF-2585 Manually update the enquiry stats data
    • ST plugin improvements
      Flobot 50% | Others 50%
  • Heshan
    • FFS655 remove default category & just leave a new quote & WhatsApp quote
    • FFS662 WhatsApp Quote not working properly it says you need to install WhatsApp for already installed device-Tested in Samsung Galaxy S10 -Android 11
    • FFS657 Quote Summary – once ‘SAVE’ is tapped, go back to the quote view without prompting the confirmation
      Flobot 25%  | Others 75%
  • Ranawaka
    • Leave
  • Omal
    • Daily task, check system & android app
    • Testing -> WF-2511 Recording cost in Xero for the invoices issued
    • Testing -> WF-2571 Speed up project – implement the ajax for Order > Charges section
      Flobot 100%
  • Wajira
    • Testing -> WF-2511 Recording cost in Xero for the invoices
    • Testing -> WF-2482 Order log doesn’t update when appointment drag & drop using the new schedule
    • Testing -> WF-2570 Count on leads secured – New business live testing/improvements
      Flobot 100%
  • Lakshitha
    • Development > Add WhatsApp icon in Flobot header to show newly received messages in WhatsApp view
      Flobot 100% 
  • Madhawa

    • Fix email template color issues
    • Email redirection function
      Floquote 100%
  • Himash
    • Cavendish normal routine work
    • Coordinating with Anurudha on the online shop project
    • Social media posting
    • Calling of stage 5a orders and cleaning the base page
    • Supporting elite flooring on missing of FTMS when scheduling appointments
    • Gathering info for Amtico meta title and description
  • Anurudda
    • Social media Posting
    • Update New Design Pattern and meta titile meta description for LVT Amtico Category
    • Change Product description apollo comfort range