Flobot present at the Easigrass 2019 franchise conference

Flobot present at the Easigrass 2019 franchise conference

We have been so busy with new customers and updates that we haven’t had any time for marketing or social media at all! Probably because we seem to be getting so many referrals from out existing clients and so many requests for bespoke coding. It is a good problem to have, for sure, so we are not complaining. But we will make more effect to update because there are some really good things happening.

Yesterday I presented at the Easigrass 2019 franchise conference in Durham. Two nights, generously all paid for by Easigrass in a first class hotel (Ramside Hall). I am sure they will be posting it up on their facebook account soon: https://www.facebook.com/Easigrassheadquarters/ .

I presented what we had achieved with the Flobot installation to all the franchises and I hope I’m not blowing my own trumpet (no-one else will!) by saying it went down really well. I’m sure we will be working with some of the larger franchises in the future and we have some really exciting code updates for Easigrass Head Office which is going to allow them to do even more awesome things.

But that aside, what a blast! Can’t thank Anthony, Phillippa and Jonathan enough for inviting me and giving me a slot to show off Flobot. And it was a fantastic insight into their global business. What a brand truly awesome brand they have created. We have so much to learn from them, in fact I think that pretty much everyone has something to learn from what they have achieved with marketing Artificial Grass.

Similarly I got to meet some great people from all over the world – Holland, South Africa, Belgium, Poland, Australia, New Zealand and the latest franchisee from Pakistan. Wow! I am evangelising but I can honestly say it was the best conference I’ve been to – and I’ve been to a lot of them! Well done Easigrass – you rock!

I just hope they invite me next year!