You might not have permission to access to access this network resource

You might not have permission to access this network resource. Contact your administrator of this server …

I have been spending all afternoon trying to get access to my network drive for my Windows 10 user account. As Microsoft have yet again made the simplest things harder to do, there is a lot of information about how to do this – a lot of it was not relevant however.

So, I could gain access by logging into the administrator account but then that is effectively another account so anything you download from the server stays in that account and you don’t have access to it from yours.

So with trial and error I found this solution.

Get to your control panel and

Click ‘Windows Credentials’ Type in the internet or network address, the username and password for the server and the Apply it. Hey presto. You can now access your network drive.

I did find these 2 videos helpful so they might be useful