5 benefits and advantages of using Field Service Software in the UK

Of course large businesses need have field service software to enable them to function. Medium sized businesses are on board and a small percentage of small businesses have made the jump. If you’re running a business still using spreadsheets and word documents, maybe it’s time you go on board. Here are 5 good reasons to start using field service software today.

1. Work Order Management
With field service scheduling software, work orders can be created and sent to contractors and engineers immediately – and what’s mor sent to the right engineer based on availability, proximity, urgency, skillset and level of expertise. Save you a lot of time figuring out who to send, makes the customer happy becasue the get the right contractor at the right time. Saved time at work = more time at home. (This is usually a good thing).

2. Instant Customer Data Access
Field service and dispatch software provides instant customer contact information, notes, previous history, certificates and other information that the engineer needs to complete the job. This might include information about specific equipment (assets) and model numbers to ensure that they have everything they need to finsih the job in one visit. Happy customers = repeat business.

3. Immediate Invoicing and payment
Good field service software speeds up the time from job completion to payment. For account customers , you can invoice them s soon as the job is signed off and complete. For doemstic customers you can take payments via credit or debit card in the office or the field. Faster payments = better cash flow.

4. Increased contractor and engineer utilization
With Field service scheduling software you get visibility into the progress of each work order and because engineers in your employment have an understandable propensity to drag jobs out so they get home on time, you can now make sure they don’t. Harder working engineers = more profit.

5. Client visibility
The right Field Service Software allows your clients to see what is going on with their jobs and their account as a whole in real time – at least the bits you want them to see. This saves a lot of account management time and makes your service a lot more sticky. Leaves your office staff to spend more time completing orders and not updating the customer every 5 minutes. More Orders = More Money.

Field Service Software in the UK is no so cheap and so easy to use and it really doesn’t make any sense not to buy it.