Field service management software

Managing a field service company is a logistical nightmare. When you don’t have a proper system for tracking invoices and payments you are most probably losing revenue from lost or late invoices.

In fact at one company we installed Flobot into we discovered that no less that 4 of the field engineers were actually taking money directly from the customer. They found that out when the customer had the nerve to call for the contractors number again an they only knew they were a customer because they now had a CRM and could cross reference the name and appointment.

And in the end your customer service can be affected if you don’t have a customer relationship management (CRM) system that stores contact info and service history. It just doesn’t look professional these days if you don’t have any details of the last visit you made to your customer.

But for a small amount of money, some time invested, a practical approach and realistic expectations from the outset you can dramatically improve your field service business – whether you are a window cleaning company, perform plumbing, repair appliances, maintain properties or provide IT support services.

So you need to Get Smart, have a look at Flobot and see the good reviews here: Field Service Software reviews