It seems a lack of professionalism is global


I came across this article from the Sydney Morning Herald. It seems that a lack of professionalism is endemic across the Western World and as far away as Australia.

It reminds me of the last two experiences I have had with a tradesman – and I’m in the game, or at last I was.

The first one came to clean the gutter. He did a great job but I still haven’t paid him. I think he’s forgotten, he’s never sent me an invoice or asked for payment and I’ll hardly be chasing him to pay.

The second guy I purchased some coping stones for a new wall. He delivered them from Leeds and one broke so I needed to order another. He asked for £60 delivery which was a bit stiff, but he had no idea what my address was despite dropping off an order 2 weeks ago and he had no record of what I had purchased so I had to send him a picture of the coping stones he dropped off. What a way to run a business.

Both need Flobot but in reality it’s probably a leap too far. These muppets haven’t even graduated to pen and paper yet. di di da di da di da…